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Special Teachers

Contact Joelle Cooper  Joelle Cooper SDC TK-2 Teacher
Contact Jennifer Davidson  Jennifer Davidson Speech Therapist
Contact Shauna Dominguez  Shauna Dominguez MH 3-5 Teacher
Contact Sarah Echard  Sarah Echard Instructional Strategist
Contact Sandra Gapuzan  Sandra Gapuzan RSP Teacher
Contact Soledad Garcia  Soledad Garcia SDC 3-5 Teacher
Contact Crystal Smilden  Crystal Smilden Speech Pathologist
Contact Joanna White  Joanna White MH TK-2 Teacher

Joelle Cooper

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SDC Teacher TK - 2

Jennifer Davidson


Speech Therapist

Shauna Dominguez

MH Teacher Grades 3 - 5


Mrs. Dominguez’s goal is for all her students to make progress toward each of their individual goals.  In addition to working on individual goals we will practice making and being a good friend and citizen in our school and community.  We will practice growing our bodies and minds to be “SUPER” strong.  Mrs. Dominguez’s class is going to have an “AWESOME” year. ​

Sarah Echard

Instructional Strategist


As a teacher of Rialto Unified School District for 19 years, I take pride in my focus on high achievement for all students. In this position, I help teachers develop and enhance their instructional practices and assist in the implementation of RTI (Response to Intervention) in order to meet the individual learning needs of all students.

Sandra Gapuzan

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RSP Teacher

Soledad Garcia

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SDC Teacher Grades 3 - 5

Crystal Smilden

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Speech Pathologist

Joanna White

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MH Teacher Grades 1 - 2